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1. To keep mice from entering your home, which of these materials should you use to block holes?


A - Paper

B - Drywall

C - Steel Wool

D - Cotton


C - Steel Wool. Steel wool is an effective way to keep mice out of your house as they can't chew through the tough material. Other options, such as insulation, dry wall, paper, and cotton are relatively easy for mice to chew through.

2. Which pest causes the most damage to property each year?


A - Ants

B - Termites

C - Wasps

D - Rats

B - Termites. Termites cause the most significant damage to homes within the United States. According to the National Pest Control Association (NPCA), every year, roughly 600,000 properties are affecting, resulting in more than $1.5 billion in damage. Astonishingly, Americans will spend up to $5 billion annually to control termite populations.


3. When is National Pest Management Month?


A - May

B - December

C - August

D - April

D - April. For over 30 years, April has been designated as National Pest Management Month in recognition of the professional pest management industry. Without this important industry, the well-being of public health would be at grave risk.

4. Alarmingly, 97 percent of pest professionals treat bed bugs every year. Where are these bothersome bugs most often found?


A - Single-Family Homes

B - Apartments/Condominiums

C - Daycare Centers

D - Hotels/Motels

A - Single-Family Homes. According to pest professionals, bed bugs are found 91 percent of the time in single-family dwellings and 89 percent of the time in apartments and condominiums. While these numbers are shocking, they are also found in great numbers with increasing rates in other areas.

5. Which type of pest is known to carry hantaviruses, which can cause HPS?


A - Ants

B - Birds

C - Rodents

D - Mites

C- Rodents. While only some types of rats and mice carry hantaviruses, it's considered a serious risk among humans. That's because hantaviruses are known to cause HPS (hantavirus pulmonary syndrome), which is a fatal infection.

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