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The oriental cockroach, or water bug, is found throughout the United States. While its name would indicate that the species is of Asian origin, it was most likely introduced from northern Africa. It is considered by many to be the filthiest of all cockroaches, principally due to its association with sewers and poor sanitary conditions. It is also despised because of the very pungent "roach" odor associated with infestations.

Typically they may be found under debris, stones, and landscape timbers. They also can congregate in large numbers in porch and wall voids. They gain access to structures in many ways, most notably through pipes, ventilators, and trash chutes, and are sometimes introduced in groceries. Indoors, they are usually found in lower areas of structures such as the basement, crawl space, and first floor. However, they can be found on higher floors, particularly when there are trash chutes or pipe and electrical chases that run up to the higher floors.

Oriental cockroaches cannot fly and in contrast to other species are very sluggish in their movement. They eat any type of decaying organic matter, but prefer starchy materials.

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