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If you do identify Little Black Ants in your home, contact Heritage Pest Control for inspection and treatment.

Little Black Ants

The little black ant is a species of ant native to North America. It is a shiny black color, the workers about 1 to 2 mm long and the queens 4 to 5 mm long. It is a monomorphic species, with only one caste of worker, and polygyne, meaning a nest may have more than one queen. A colony is usually moderately sized with only a few thousand workers.

Little black ants are common in wooded areas. In yards, they nest under rocks, in rotting logs, and under piles of bricks or lumber. If a colony moves inside a building, large populations can invade cracks and crevices, establishing highly visible foraging trails, particularly along counters, cabinets and pantries.

Although small, little black ants will fight larger ant species over food resources, especially when they’re protecting aphids, a favorite food that satisfies their sweet tooth. However, these omnivorous ants aren’t picky. They will feed on just about anything from sweets, seeds and produce to living and dead insects, meats and oily foods.

While it can be difficult to see these ants due to their small size, their nests can be found by following the trial of workers back to the colony.

Homeowners should consider working with us to employ a preventative pest management plan. There are also a few things that can be done around the property to prevent a little black ant infestation.

Black Ants
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