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If you think carpet beetles have infested your home, contact Heritage Pest Control for a free inspection and protection plan.


At first, you may think you have moths in your home. But if you are finding damaged clothes, carpet, upholstery and other items, it most likely is carpet beetles.  These little pests are more common than most homeowners realize. They can be very destructive, and to make it worse, they are quite difficult to control. You may find one or two beetles or the evidence they leave behind, but the problem can grow if not handled properly and quickly.

They consume anything containing organic fibers and organic products. Here is a sampling of the preferred carpet beetle buffet:

There are three species of carpet beetle that are the most common problem for homeowners. These are the varied carpet beetle, the black carpet beetle and the furniture carpet beetle.  

Because carpet beetles are active in multiple small hidden areas throughout your home, it can be very difficult to get rid of carpet beetle infestations. A qualified pest control expert is the best way to beat your beetle problem.

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