Looking for Shelter

As temperatures drop, mice are drawn to sources of heat. They will seek food, warmth and shelter in homes. Make sure you seal any cracks around windows and doors, even checking where you may have repaired last season as mice can squeeze through openings smaller than a dime.

I Think I Saw a Mouse

Mice can seem fairly harmless but they can multiply quickly and do significant damage. Infestations are dangerous to humans. Mice urine, saliva and feces may contain viruses and bacteria, such as salmonella and hantavirus. Contact us for further advice and to obtain a free estimate.

It Can Be Painfull

The yellow jacket's sting is extremely painful, and they are known to sting relentlessly when provoked. They have lance-like stingers with very tiny barbs, which at times may get detached and lodge in the person's skin.The venom is considered dangerous to those who have been stung repeatedly or are allergic to it.


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